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FCC Teacher to Child Ratio: 2 to 10
State Required Ratio: 1 to 6

Puddle Ducks Class

(children 18 months - 24 months on or before September 1, 2022) 


At this age children are beginning to have some independence; talking more and understanding their actions affect others. 

We work a lot on social and emotional development in this class;  helping each child use their developing language to express their wants and needs while learning natural consequences to their behavior. 

We provide many opportunities for hand on exploration to enable each child to learn more about the world around them including sensory, art, and free play activities.

Work Areas (centers)

  • Dramatic Play

  • Math / Science

  • Sensory

  • Art

  • Language / Reading 

  • Blocks/ Manipulatives



We use Frogstreet Curriculum. To learn more about this approach click the link below.

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